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Monday, April 30, 2012

Just B R E A T H E

Lately life has been coming at me hard and fast...and that is not necessarily a bad thing but it could be overwhelming at times.  I want a lot out of my life so I work hard, sometimes harder than I should perhaps but that's okay with me.  It's funny though how hard work may not seem to be paying off then wham!  Opportunities open up and you are swamped and even a little confused as to what direction to go in.  In times like that I am learning to B R E A T H E, and just take it all in before I make decisions...  

This weekend was really a blur of activity and decision making so I made myself slow down and create something, anything.  For me, creating is therapeutic, I think so much better/clearer when I am crafting...maybe because I am more relaxed and feeling zero pressure, who knows.  Whatever it is though, it works for me. 

 Here are two weekends worth of therapeutic crafting.  I hate to say it but "two birds with one stones comes to mind".  Have a fabulous day!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chenille or No Chenille...That Is The Question

I have to admit that last week kicked my butt!  Really good. In the process I sadly had to neglect my blog for a little while.  Well, am back now and feelin good, bye bye week from hell.......honestly it felt like it.

Over the weekend I met a lady at a craft show who had the most amazing vintage chenille spreads.  It really brought back memories of my childhood.  My grandmother had lots of these beautiful spreads and ever since I could fully appreciate them I had been searching for the right one for myself.  I admit that some are over the top and somewhat unrestrained but I adore these spreads.  I like the texture, pattern and vintage fabulousness it adds to a room.  Plus, it really reminds me of my earlier years with my grand mother and those memories are very precious to me.  Check these out, would you rock one of these in your bedroom?

unknown source

unknown source 

unknown source 

unknown source 

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unknown source 


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Inspired - Craft Of The Week

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend and celebrating what it is all about.  This is such a special time, especially for believers. As a believer myself I am always looking for a way to use my creativity to showcase my faith.  And so, I did just that.  Here are a few digital collages I put together in commemoration of Easter.

Blessings to you all!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Done And Done!

A few weeks ago in my post Are You Ready For This! I shared with you how I had won the opportunity to showcase some of my work in a design challenge.  I had entered the contest on a whim so when I got confirmation that I had made the cut I was really surprised and so excited.

The challenge was to create original pieces/Art from indigenous plant fibers.  I did just that with palm leaves, sisal, burlap and hemp.  I also accented my pieces with feathers, shells and seeds.

Well, today I am happy to report that my work is completed and presently being viewed in the prestigious New Providence Art gallery in Nassau, Bahamas. It has come a long way from this conceptual sketch.  Many thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.  It means a lot to me.

Hmmmm, I wonder what I should I do next............